BSV Hackathon

The Inaugural Bitcoin SV
Virtual Hackathon

The first-ever Bitcoin SV Hackathon took place over the weekend of 4 – 5 May 2019, with a strict 48-hour coding period, and the Hackathon Finale was presented live on stage at the CoinGeek Toronto Conference on 30 May 2019.

Organised By: Bitcoin Association
Run By: nChain
Sponsored By: Ayre Ventures
Projects Submitted
400 BSV
Prize Pool

The 1st BSV Hackathon resulted in 200 developers submitting 36 projects. The teams with the best three projects presented at the 2019 CoinGeek Toronto Conference – with very distinct offerings competing for the 400 BSV prize pool – two projects of which have since gone on to seed business ventures.


UptimeSV (now Bitping)

UptimeSV provides distributed performance and uptime monitoring for robust, DDoS-hardened enterprise systems that is, of course, powered by Bitcoin SV and enables anyone to earn BSV by installing an app and getting paid to participate in uptime tests for clients of the platform. UptimeSV was developed by an Australia-based team who go by the name of Demonstrandium led by Dean Little (captain) with Brent Bevear, and Jye Turner.


A peer-to-peer advertising platform enabling users to monetize their site and earn Bitcoin SV directly from advertisers who can also promote their product with ease or raise money with crowdfunding “Tonics.” TonicPow was developed by a Canada-based team of Attila Aros (captain), Luke Rohenaz, and Austin Rappaport.


Polyglot is designed to be Bitcoin SV’s most intuitive way to interact with a myriad of MetaNet protocols through python, thus smoothing to entry path for new developers to Bitcoin SV – it’s a match made in heaven. Polyglot was developed by a New Zealand-based developer is Hayden Joshua Donnelly, operating under username “AustEcon.”

BSV Hackathon Semi-finalists
Top 14 entries from round 1 (May 4-5 2019)


Biitstrap is a technique for bootstrapping a communication channel via a blockchain. It’s useful for every scenario where peers don’t know each other’s connection details. This is a PoC for demonstrating the technique which may be useful and applicable for many areas such as EE2E messaging, SSH, IoT, remote control, IP-transactions, etc. Devices can communicate with each other by using only public keys thanks to this technique.


BIOT – a protocol for deploying and maintaining IoT devices over the blockchain.


Mounts public data from bitcoinsv blockchain to your local machine, no user, password, wallet or btcsv required, just the config file or txid for a config file stored in the blockchain.


Bitflow is a task-based workflow engine which allows custom workflows to be easily built and run on top of Bitcoin SV with every action immutably.


Use our platform to store and query eSports match data on Bitcoin.

  • Find an opponent and play a game
  • FSubmit your match results
  • FThat’s it! You now have a global gaming identity, powered by Bitcoin

Bitmav creates a digital legacy on Bitcoin SV to allow people to share important information with their loved ones after they have passed away.


Bitmonkey is a Browser Extension that aims to provide a gateway between the Metanet & the Internet. Bitmonkey will allow Metanetters to redesign the current internet in our image. From added functionality and interoperability to theming and modding of sites. The Bitmonkey model should allow for decentralized development and coordination in creating this vision.


A movie-streaming website that uses a Money Button paywall and delivers video content that is stored on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. The content is stored using unwriter’s B:// protocol.


This project is launching in June 2019 –


LetsPlayBSV is a game platform that facilitates and create many types of casino games online using the BSV blockchain as the backend support.


MetaVibe creates a location-based meta layer on top of our physical world. Thereby allowing to drop media content, comments and other smart contract-based events to specific locations while ensuring that only people at the location can read the content. Here we present the functional prototype (Android & iOS) as well as the open protocol of MetaVibe.


Extend the reach of the Bitcoin protocol using P2P channels (e.g. simple gift of cash using P2P, provider earning using P2P, stream micropayment using P2P)

Other Hackathon Entries


Adcoin is a proof of concept for an ad service that provides a solution for the onboarding problem. The essential idea is for ad providers to directly pay users to view their ads and/or to fill out surveys, instead of bundling ads with free internet products. This mechanism allows more accurate pricing on ad-viewing, while providing a frictionless BSV onboarding experience for everyone.


Bitmail is an on-chain mail application. All mails are included in OP_RETURN. Bitmail system can remain secure and private, and never reuses keys.

Metaflix is an MVP, minimum viable product to distribute paid videos from Metanet, the immutable commodity ledger. We use Metanet as a CDN, content delivery network. All the video content data are delivered to nodes all over the world and permanently stored on Bitcoin SV network. We are aiming to create thousands of Metanet Websites which will transform Internet more secure, transparent and trustable.


‘DartSV’ is a cross-platform, library for bitcoin built using Dartlang.


The development library started 2 months ago as an experiment that dispatched Bitcoin transactions as actions on a Redux store. Over time it evolved into a general purpose Bitcoin transaction handling framework, employing the same design pattern as is used by the popular web server framework ExpressJS.

*We realise there is prior work in this repo, but the application development library is not our hackathon entry. The generator is our entry.*


An office 365 add-in that provides proof of ownership and proof of existence.


Send bitcoins via a URL


The Forever Faucet is a tool to send small amounts of BSV regularly according to a schedule. The example implementation that is included sends 1000 Satoshi once a year, to a handcash handle, on the owner’s birthday.


Gift SV allows HandCash users to create a private faucet to onboard their friends and family.


This is a bot. The bot scans twitter for tweets saying “gimmeBSV” and looks for Bitcoin addresses, or handcash handles in these tweets. If there is a specified address, the bot will attempt to send 0.001 BSV to the address.


A C# Bitcoin library. KzHack and KzBsv are .NET Core 3.0 based which means it can target Linux, OsX, Android, iOS as well as Windows with a wide range of cloud deployment options.


Miles is a digital mileage log application that leverages the unique properties of BitCoin SV.


At the moment there are many existing protocols to storing data on the blockchain, B://, BCAT, D://. However, despite the fact there are many different protocols to store data there is no way to organize or collate data. Modern file systems solve this problem by introducing directories, inodes, symlinks etc. Here we introduce Nematode FS an ext2-like file system built specifically to solve these problems with data storage on Bitcoin.


We created a mobile app to interact with bitcoin apps, a protocol to define how to interact with existing bitcoin apps and a backend to pay for transactions for users using credits. The mobile app takes care of creating the actual transaction data, but the backend broadcasts the transaction to the network and pays the fees. Our goal is to be able to use in app purchases in the mobile app to buy credits to pay for the blockchain transactions, that will then be broadcast by the server. No need to first buy crypto


Scratchy is a protocol for encrypting, storing and retrieving data on the BSV blockchain at scale. The key purpose of the protocol is to allow people to use encryption easily in their everyday lives to make things like storing passwords and sensitive information as easy as humanly possible.


The project allows devices to send and receive payments for water consumption and also control the flow depending on the balance of the device’s BSV address.


Introducing SV:GO. A set of on-boarding tools that acts as a bridge between the BitcoinSV community and main street. The app consists of 5 major sections: Social Media, Wallet, Merchant Map / Directory, Chat, Market.


TRUTH is a client-side software, which provides a secure and private chat environment, as well as the persistent chat data query. When people shop online more and more often, even buying foreign goods, or signing a remote labour contract with a foreign company, it is inevitable to communicate online. The preservation of chat records becomes even more important.
We hope that the chat history will not be modified and deleted, and we can confirm the time of each record and the identity of both parties.


Verified Instant Exchange – Mobile app platform that aims to connect users with merchants, with merchants providing discounts to vix that can then be converted into BSV by the user accessing those discounts through vix. Vix also provides a platform for BSV enabled merchants to offer goods or services to users so they can spend the BSV they’ve earned.

The Judges

Thanks to Everyone Who Joined

A big thank you goes out to all the teams who entered from around the world to make our first-ever virtual BSV Hackathon an inspiring event. It was wonderful to see many of the teams spending time in Telegram helping other teams.

31 March 2019

Start of Registrations

30 April 2019

Last Day of Registrations

4-5 May 2019

Virtual Hackathon

30 May 2019

Hackathon Finale

Three Finalists

After the virtual hackathon, three finalists were chosen.

Flight to CoinGeek Conference in Toronto

A representative from each was flown to Toronto, Canada, and presented their solution on 30 May 2019 at the CoinGeek Conference.

Who Chose the Winner?

A panel of judges, including the live audience, selected the winner.