Blockchain Development is the Next Step in Advancing Your Skills

Start Your Career in Blockchain and Win BSV Prizes

  • We welcome non-blockchain developers to experience coding and building blockchain-powered apps for the first time. With blockchain technology surging in interest and development, businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for highly-skilled developers to help build their projects.
  • The Bitcoin SV Hackathon gives you an environment where it’s free to join, allows you to gain blockchain dev experience and fully unleash your creativity, and gives you the chance to win big Bitcoin SV prizes.
  • Designed to preserve Bitcoin’s design and fulfill the Satoshi Vision, BSV is an enterprise-friendly blockchain – with a stable, scalable, secure platform for developers to confidently build upon.
  • The Bitcoin SV blockchain almost completely restored Satoshi’s original protocol – no default block cap, meaning that its network can grow organically to process an unbounded number of transactions.

The Future of Building on Bitcoin SV Blockchain Technology


According to LinkedIn, Blockchain Developer is the No. 1 emerging job.

Enterprise Use Cases

Global companies have chosen the BSV blockchain to build their platforms.

Stable and safe

Commitment to a stable protocol, and a professionalised engineering approach with security audits.


Unbounded block size that can process all forms of data transactions.

Test Your Devs Skills Against the Best in the World

Blockchain stands as a foundational technology with major industries and companies looking to adopt it into their businesses.

Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision), the original vision for Bitcoin, is being unleashed to act as the one data ledger for the world, and provide the advantages of being the “only one global chain.”

With blockchain technology expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years, now is the time to join the BSV Hackathon and build your resume as an experienced and highly capable developer. Developers around the world can see where their skills stack up, further their knowledge base, and network with fellow innovators.

You’ll be provided with access to a digital platform designed to facilitate collaboration between team members, as well as experts from nChain, who will be available to provide advice throughout the competition period.

Following the virtual competition period, finalists will be selected by a panel of expert judges. A representative from each finalist entry is flown to the CoinGeek Conference to make their presentation in front of a live conference audience.