Why you should build on the Bitcoin SV Blockchain

A developers playground stripped of blockchain politics

Bitcoin SV is quickly becoming a favourite platform for enterprises and blockchain developers alike.

  • The massive scaling power of BSV enables very low fees while facilitating unique new features like microtransactions, as well as greater data capacity and functionality.
  • BSV is an enterprise-grade blockchain – with a scalable and secure platform for developers to confidently build upon.
  • The BSV protocol is locked down – with a stable protocol, developers and enterprises can build on BSV confident in the long-term longevity and interoperability of their applications.

The growth trajectory and roadmap for BSV mean that there will be ongoing demand for advanced Bitcoin development skills across a variety of industries. Hosting the Bitcoin SV Hackathon is our way of encouraging you to try BSV on for size and learn how its unique capabilities can be used to power a new generation of innovative blockchain-based applications and services.



Bitcoin SV is The Future of Blockchain


Unbounded block size that can process all forms of data transactions.


Commitment to a stable protocol.


Professionalised engineering approach with security audits.

Payment Experience

Safe, instant transactions

Here’s What the Bitcoin SV Hackathon Offers You

Learn all about BSV and the unique features & functionalities of its blockchain.

Test your ideas with access to industry experts for direct feedback and advice throughout the entire six-week coding period!

An online community of blockchain enthusiasts, including our support team and fellow participants, stripped of blockchain politics and open to everyone.

The opportunity to turn your passion into your profession – get discovered, get funded and pitch your project to the market.

And of course, the chance to compete for a share of the $100,000 prize pool!