BSV Hackathon

3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon

We saw amazing stuff from the first two hackathons, which were in the 48-hour format, but this time we had an 8-week long coding round and definitely saw developers put a lot more thought into what they wanted to build before they started to build.

Organised By: Bitcoin Association
Run By: nChain
Sponsored By: Ayre Ventures
Projects Submitted
US$ 100K
Prize Pool

The competition saw more than 400 people from 75 countries compete to build a creative project on the Bitcoin SV blockchain over eight weeks. Out of 42 projects, entries were whittled down to three outstanding finalists, each with a chance to win a share of the US$ 100,000 BSV prize pool.

The final positions were determined by judges and audience vote, which Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen said resulted in a close race, with all finalists receiving at least one first-place vote.a



Kyrt integrates Bitcoin microtransactions with subscribable events available via Zapier – a major platform enabling easy integration workflows across more than 2000 applications. Zapier is an incredibly powerful tool and by integrating a micropayment rail into any application interaction, the possibilities are endless.


STOTASK is a new entrant in the ‘gig economy’ that allows owners of datasets to leverage the idle time of anyone to apply human interpretation to tag data. This is a missing link between human classification and machine learning. Classification tasks that are easy for humans but hard for machines can become machine-learned with an initial human input. Bitcoin SV is used as the payment rail for STOTASK, enabling work to be paid out in very small increments. Coupling this with Metanet data structuring in the future has huge potential.


Identity on-chain is a fiercely discussed topic in Bitcoin SV and a key missing piece of infrastructure. Repzip not only provides a real solution to the problem, but also integrates with Paymail and existing Bitcoin data infrastructure in a way that can satisfy a plethora of use cases. Identity is powerful and is a core link between the digital and the physical world. When the solution integrates 3rd party attestation, this will become a core and central part of day to day Bitcoin interactions.



Aetherna is a place where audio content creators are able to upload, showcase, and monetize their audio files. Listeners are able to discover content and reward creators directly on an attention-paid-basis and optionally tip them if they really like it. The combination of time and money gives a better value of how quality content is measured instead of traditional likes and stream quantities. Users do not pay a monthly subscription, but instead, pay based on usage of the platform. Creators pay a one-off price for uploading their content.


A ‘Tokenized-in-a-box’ solution to allow businesses to more easily deploy Tokenized smart contracts and shareholder agreements. The greenlight app orchestrates the existing Tokenized services into a usable REST API and provides sample python scripts that demonstrate creating a smart contract for common shares, in addition to performing standard smart contract actions such as transferring shares.


A micropayment streaming plugin that crosses the boundary from a single site platform, facilitating incremental payments for streaming content of any type and on any site – connecting content across the internet with a common valuation mechanism.


MyPaymailSend offers a unique solution to the onboarding problem by enabling funds to be sent to an email address that does not currently have an associated wallet. Through a clever workflow, the recipient is incentivized to create a wallet because they know there are already funds waiting there for them to access. In combination with a compelling value proposition from a micropayment service, this could be a powerful incentive to onboard users to BSV.

Parking SV

Parking SV is a single, universal system for global car parking. It solves the problem of current parking payment systems consuming a lot of time, as well as the inconvenience of needing to use multiple vendors – even within the same town or city.


Profitsilo is an API for collecting, storing, and selling data in exchange for BSV micropayments, with a focus on automated machine-to-machine interactions. The system stores data as named, ordered lists of signed messages which require payment to access. It provides asynchronous notifications for other systems, publishing data and documents tailored to the recipients, committing to a hash.


TacTic is non-intrusive software, which once purchased and integrated, runs under the hood to certify accounting records on the blockchain. It interfaces with industry-standard accounting software packages (Quickbooks at present), to listen for events on WebHooks and transparently write accounting data to the blockchain, reflecting signed accounting entries on-chain for improved auditing.



A user can register one company and each companies can be seen in the company list. The company details such as the name and email can be seen in the company list. If a user is already registered to a company, they cannot register another company. However, they can update the fields of their company or delete it. This ensures communication between companies through our website


BitPocket, a microtasking application built with BSV. Create tasks. Demand Evidence. Incentivise the world. The project makes use of Dean Littles RPuzzle Library to publish task rewards. RPuzzles provide a nice mechanism to secure wallet funds from Job Creators and allows the output to be set by the unlocking script.

BitPocket enables a mult-sided market of Microtask Creators and Microtask Consumers and allows for the creation of groups/communities of interest to form.


Blockade is a place to learn about the concept and implementations of blockchain technology in general and Bitcoin SV in particular.

BSV ADOPTION via education and experimental incentives

The need:
BitcoinSV needs to grow in number of applications, number of daily transactions, spread global liquidity and rise in value. Because of generalized lock-downs, many people will suffer to bring food at the table.

The solution:
The idea was to create a web app that spreads exponentialy by invitation only via family and friends, to establish a growing base of commited BSV users of a generated moneybutton that sends donations via microtransactions on a daily basis to spread microtransactions of BSV value and help people in need in the present economic depression.

Every invitee of the network will educate others, will help with the BSV onboarding process, will maintain a small amount in BSV in their wallets and will generate daily microtransactions.

With the idea to massively test the network and with a well established structure of incentives, we will generate many more daily transactions and usage of BSV wallets, via private invitation of family and friends to sponsor and donate other family and friends a small amount of BSV with an experimental incentive structure that will create BSV expansion without inflation.

What it does:
Prepares a moneybutton for each member with the proper incentives to help the expansion of the network on a daily basis.

ContractSV – BitcoinSV backed documents

BitcoinSV backed documents

Legal documents and contracts are a fundamental part of business to business communication, however many times the origin and edit history of these documents can be hard to track. We created ContractSV to solve this.


– Break down historic industry data silos
– Make it easier for companies in different industries to interact
– Make it easier to operate across geographic boundaries for businesses, organizations, and consumers
– Enable consumers to interact, in a single way, with different businesses and organizations concerning their data and transactions
– Improve interaction across governments and government agencies

Downloader SV for WordPress (Beta 1)

With Downloader SV, you can sell various data without being damaged by illegal download within your own WordPress. There are no terms of use or restrictions as you manage it yourself.

BSV is used for payment. Only when the payment has been made successfully will the data be available for download.


EduVault will be a user-owned cloud data store where users can retain control of their learning progress and educational achievements, keep flashcards and notes, and much more. Our MVP goal is to fully integrate our already existing open source flashcard app, Inter Planetary Flash Cards (IPFC), with a new authentication and storage solution: EduVault.

The MVP will be a data wallet system for EdTech applications. It will allow users to have control over their own educational data, permissioning it to other apps as they see fit. The MVP will include a signup, login, and authentication frontend/backend, and will create APIs for EdTech apps to store and access data. Users will be able to bring their data with them between apps, and apps could provide high levels of data ownership and interoperability to their users. The MVP will leverage DotWallet’s easy to use BSV APIs, and the ThreadDB protocol from, built on IPFS.


Allows you to integrate the blockchain easily in your apps and business processes.


We present GETS (Global Exchange Trading System), a way to exchange goods and services globally without official money. Keeping the community in a spirit of reciprocity and with talents flowing as well as freeing themselves from (artificial) scarcity mindsets. We call this GETS model/application ‘PingoPongo’, after the concept of a ping and pong, which is alikened to requesting and replying/gifting (or giving and receiving, if you wish).


Collaborative spreadsheet version management. Made to address google sheets’ failings surrounding massively shared documents.


Comedy as a For-Profit Sport, copyrightable (EtchRight TM) for the first time on BitCoin’s immutable ledger! Hilarists will be the first English-speaking BSV app on iPhone.


IceBrowser is a mentanet browser specifically built for smartphone devices (currently android) to run metanet protcol along with other (2+n)th layer protocols. It’s also capable of running standard web(http+ftp etc) protocols.


L2 is offline-first wallet for instant non-custodial pays in second layer installed in-browser service worker and accessing by 3rd party apps by W3C Payments Request protocol. L2 is capable of use for very complex protocols that consist of transactions with different scripts specialized in a second layer contract written on a high-level programming language.

Leja Pay

Implementing ISO 20022 Swift messaging to complement legacy banking payments systems and leverage the BSV public blockchain.


Metarss is a rss feed hub where contents are stored on the blockchain and also rated and commented by users.


Shop and earn bitcoin, providing a way for consumers to earn bitcoin as they shop and complete tasks online. People can register using moneybutton OAuth plus Facebook and Google social logins. If not using moneybutton they can choose any of the paymail wallets available such Handcash/Centbee (driving adoption).


NeuralFM puts you in control of the AI’s feeding you information. Create a personal news AI with 1-click. Every action gets saved to Bitcoin as your IP, creating a user-generated AI marketplace.


Obsurv is an application that allows companies to purchase data directly from consumers.

pitch up

Services you wouldn’t know about using the blockchain unless you were told.


This project is an API for collecting, storing and selling data for BSV micropayments. The system stores messages and charges money to access them.


Learning how to code on bitcoin with bitcoin.


Provides easily accessible and affordable insurance services to all peasant farmers.

Show App

Show App is the first social App based on MetaID, you can chat with others by P2P encryption, and Show App will be your social center, with Show App you won’t miss EVERY interaction about you on BSV.


SipMe is a VoB client (Voice over bitcoin) built specifically for smartphone devices (Android & Ios). It’s a VoIP client leveraging with bitcoin p2p electronic cash system to power VoIP communications in a seamless, private, and a “decentralized” manner. It also lets users earn money simply by listening or talking to people.

Structured Language Corp: SLictionary & Word Bounty

SLictionary: A Self-Learning Dictionary [Our SLic Trailer:].


SVLoyalty is a new loyalty program platform powered by the Bitcoin SV blockchain which provides a software interface for businesses and customers to seamlessly interact with each other. Businesses such as shops, restaurants and e-commerce sites can register their brand details to the SVLoyalty Club and have the ability to send points to any of their customers who have a BTC SV account. Customers will have the ability to redeem those points for rewards that the businesses provide. All this data is stored on the Bitcoin SV blockchain which will ensure transparency, fairness and immutability.

Anyone is able to instantly get up and running with SVLoyalty through the use of MoneyButton, which makes quick and seamless transactions possible. Built upon the Bitcoin SV blockchain, point redemptions and issuances are immutable. Point issuances must be signed by the business whilst point redemptions must be signed by the customer. In this regard, there is no way for loyalty point tampering to happen.


There can be as many as possible players engaging in one room to compete in one Tetris game.

Each round, all players can send the ‘action tx’ to get the chance of actually trigger a new move. (one single move per player per round)

The host (the initiator) would pick 3 of the players who did send tx, and perform their actions one by one to the game area. Players sent tx but not chosen would have their tx back to the sending address.

Every action has bsv satoshis included, so every block in the game area has money in it. Having this in mind, once a player can make a full row of blocks, he can immediately get all money in the blocks of this row, and have this row vanished in game area.

For detailed description and rules of the game, please check out:


Viedo is a streaming service that users can use to share their live videos with others and get paid in return through a payment channel created by Zixo wallet. Also, watch the live videos that others offer, and pay for the service directly to the service provider. In later updates, a user can put a request, and other users respond, provide the service, and get paid immediately through micropayments.

The Judges

Thank You for Participating in our 3rd BSV Hackathon

We very much appreciate your participation in this important time in Bitcoin SV’s journey to fulfill the Satoshi Vision.

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen said, “The strength of hackathon entries continues to get better – especially with our extended coding period for this 3rd competition. We were very excited to see such a diverse set of high-quality submissions and enjoyed seeing your creativity and effort in this competition. It was great to see even more developers around the world like you who are passionate about making the Satoshi Vision a reality – and using Bitcoin’s protocol to help connect the world with one global blockchain.”

26 May

Registrations Open

23 June

Coding Round Begins

18 August

Registrations & Submissions are closed

30 September - 2 October

Hackathon Finale and Winner announcement

Voting & AR App

Votes were cast and tallied with the use of an exclusive CoinGeek Voting & AR app.

Global Audience

A global audience of thousands of conference viewers had the opportunity to vote over the balance of the conference.

One Global Blockchain

The theme, providing a guiding North Star to entrants, was ‘Connecting the world to one global blockchain.’